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Current Studies

Social status hierarchies

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In a series of work, we have been examining children's and adults’ understanding of social power hierarchies across a range of social situations. In this line of work, we are exploring the extent to which children assign power differences to girls and boys, and how their beliefs about relative power in gender groups varies by social situation.

Social essentialism

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We have been assessing links between children's and adults’ gender essentialism and gender-biased attitudes. In these studies, we investigate the extent to which participants’ own identities (i.e., gender identity expression, cultural context) inform the outcomes.

Gender cognition and gender diversity

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In several ongoing studies, we are examining transgender and cisgender children's gender development and gender cognition. In one project, we investigate differences and similarities in gender cognition and essentialism of transgender children, their cisgender siblings, and age- and gender-matched cisgender controls. In a second series of studies, based on predictions of Gender Schema Theory, we are assessing the extent to which transgender and cisgender children automatically encode gender, and pay heightened attention to and show better memory for situations relevant to their own gender than the other gender (for transgender children, the gender aligned with their sex assigned at birth).

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