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Our Team

Dr. Selin Gülgöz

Principal Investigator

Dr. Selin Gülgöz is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Fordham University. Her research interests lie in children’s and adults’ social cognition and conceptual development, with particular focus on children’s reasoning about  social groups. She is particularly interested in how individuals with diverse (and often marginalized) identities construct social categories, how people’s reasoning about social categories is reflected in their attitudes and behaviors toward members of those categories, and how we can learn about the developmental origins of early social cognition by observing these cognitive and behavioral outcomes. Outside of research and teaching, Selin enjoys exploring New York with her husband and their 3-year-old, and reading good fiction.

Dr. Gülgöz will be accepting PhD student applications in Fall 2023. Feel free to contact her at sgulgoz@fordham.edu if you have any questions!

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Daniel Alonso

Ph.D. student

Daniel is a third-year graduate student in the Applied Developmental Psychology program at Fordham University. Daniel’s research interests span various lines of inquiry related to gender diversity across the lifespan. He is particularly interested in questions related to children’s gender cognition, as well as identity concealment behavior in childhood and adolescence. Previously, Daniel conducted research as a lab manager for Dr. Kristina Olson at the University of Washington and earned his bachelor’s in psychology at The University of Texas at Austin. In his free time, Daniel enjoys people-watching at Central Park and updating his Spotify playlists.

Anna Stewart

Ph.D. student

Anna will be joining the lab in the fall of 2022 as a first-year graduate student in Fordham's Applied Developmental Psychology program. Anna is a recent graduate from Temple University's Psychology Department, where she worked in Hongling Xie's Peer Social Networks Lab. She has also served as an undergraduate summer research assistant in Felix Warneken's Social Minds Lab at the University of Michigan and in Kathy Hirsh-Pasek's Infant and Child Lab at Temple University. Her main research interests lie in investigating children's understanding of social hierarchies, essentialist beliefs regarding power and morality, and the impact of culture on children's social cognition. Aside from research, Anna loves taking long walks while listening to podcasts, writing short stories, and exploring coffee shops in new cities.

Alexandra Pahl

Research Assistant

Alexandra Pahl (she/her) is a third-year undergraduate student at Fordham University, Rose Hill. She is majoring in Psychology and hoping to complete a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. Alex’s primary research interests are LGBTQ+ youth, the nuances of gender development, and the stigmatization of mental health. Besides research, Alex enjoys listening to music and studying spirituality, philosophy, and art history.

Amelia Marotta

Research Assistant

Originally from San Diego, California, Amelia Marotta (she/her) is a Senior at Fordham University, Rose Hill. She is majoring in Biological Sciences with minors in Psychology and Bioethics. On campus, Amelia works as Auction Director of Fordham Dance Marathon and participates as a member of OurStory. Additionally, she volunteers with St. Barnabas Hospital and partners with the Community of Engaged Learning to work at a middle school with local Bronx students. Amelia’s primary research interest includes gender and sexuality formation’s two-fold effect on physical and mental development. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, walking in the Botanical

Christine Irlbeck

Research Assistant

Christine Irlbeck (she/her) is a current second-year undergraduate in the honors program at Fordham Lincoln Center. She plans to double major in Psychology and Political Science and is interested in working to improve mental health resources related to gender identity and discrimination in the Chicago Metropolitan area. Outside of research, Christine enjoys hiking, art history, and spending time with family. 

Maggie Schenk

Research Assistant

Maggie Schenk (she/her) is a second-year undergraduate double majoring in Psychology and Spanish at Fordham University, Lincoln Center. She is interested in research surrounding the mental healthcare of LGBTQ+ and immigrant youth in America. On campus, Maggie is also a Research Assistant in the Bronx Personality Lab, and a member of the University Chamber Choir. She is originally from Portland, Oregon, and as a result enjoys a cozy and rainy day filled with reading and tea drinking.

Marianna Apazidis

Research Assistant

Marianna (Mari) Apazidis (she/her) is a third year undergraduate at Fordham University, Rose Hill. Currently, she is double majoring in Psychology and English! She is interested to learn more about how children categorize their thoughts/feelings and how these categorizations affect their day-to-day lives. Mari is an avid reader, loves to write creatively, and has a soft-spot for watching cartoons (specifically Avatar: the Last Airbender).

Marianna Rodrigues

Research Assistant

Mariana Rodrigues (she/her) is a first-year master's student in the Clinical Psychology program at Teachers College - Columbia University. Her concentrations are women, sexuality and gender and Forensic Psychology. Mariana’s research interests are about how stereotypes, gender role expectations and biased conducts can affect minorities’ self-regulation processes and mental health. After finishing her master’s, Mariana wishes to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology, in order to continue with her research. When not focusing on school work, Mariana loves reading for fun and binge-watching her favorite TV shows.

Olivia Dean

Research Assistant

Olivia Dean (she/her) is a second-year undergraduate student at Fordham University, Rose Hill. She currently majors in Psychology with a minor in French. Olivia is interested in the ways individuals construct their own gender identity while experiencing discrimination and maltreatment from others in society. Additionally, Olivia enjoys hiking, reading fantasy novels, and completing her New York City Bucket List by the time she graduates.  

Veronika Kobrinsky

Research Assistant

Veronika (she/her) is a first-year Clinical Psychology graduate student at Columbia University. Her research focuses on the factors influencing the relationship between traumatic experiences, psychopathology, and health-risk behaviors. She is interested in expanding accessibility to evidence-based trauma-informed interventions, especially for marginalized populations. Veronika earned her BS in Psychology from Fordham University in 2022.

If you are interested in joining our lab, please apply through this link.


Lily Durwood, University of WashingtonMargaret Echelbarger, Stony Brook University; Elizabeth Enright, St. Mary’s College of Maryland; Anne Fast, Western Washington University; Rachel Fine, University of Michigan; Susan Gelman, University of Michigan; Jessica Glazier, University of Washington; Emma Gross, University of Michigan; Eric Gomez, Google; Jeffrey Heer, University of Washington; Arnold Ho; University of Michigan; Jennifer Jipson, California Polytechnic State University; Carol Lynn Martin, Arizona State University; Thekla Morgenroth, Purdue University; Kristina Olson, Princeton University; James Rae, Apple; Steven Othello Roberts, Stanford University; Jennifer Rubin, Meta.

Lab alumni

Matthew Kozakowski (’21), Chloe McGovern (’22), Stephanie Price (’21), Amber Ray (’21), Adam Saad (’21).