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Lab News

JULY 2022

Our lab has joined social media! You can find us on Instagram and Facebook for news about our latest studies, info on our team members, and our spin on cool research findings. 

May 2022

Congratulations to RAs Chloe McGovern and Veronika Kobrinsky for successfully completing their Honors theses, and for their acceptances to graduate programs! Also congrats to our graduating senior RAs!

APRil 2022

We are excited to welcome Anna Stewart, who will be starting as a PhD student in the ADP program in Fall 2022. Anna is joining us from Temple University, and we look forward to working with her!

APRil 2022

Veronika Kobrinsky was awarded the Fordham University James C. Higgins Memorial Award for significant distinction in Psychology, and was accepted into the Clinical Psychology graduate program at Columbia University!

APRil 2021

Daniel Alonso was awarded the Fordham University Summer Research Fellowship! 

March 2021

Daniel Alonso received the 2021 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship! Congratulations, Daniel!  

march 2021

Dr. Gülgöz was awarded the Fordham University Faculty Research Grant! 

December 2020

Dr. Gülgöz joined Dr. Sahin-Acar’s podcast, Ekin’i Buyutmek to talk about gender identity development in children.

september 2020

Daniel Alonso joined the lab as a first-year Ph.D. student! He is also the recipient of Fordham’s prestigious Bennett Graduate Assistantship award.